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Founded in 1955, Ferrecare is located in Switzerland and operates based on the guiding principle of “Care for uniquely you”. With a remarkable track record of over 60 years in research, development, and manufacturing, Ferrecare is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of its clients by providing a wide range of exceptional beauty products and exquisite treatments.

Nestled in the breathtaking Alps, the Ferrecare laboratory benefits from the untouched environment, resulting in the creation of exceptionally pure and natural products. Drawing inspiration from the esteemed health traditions of Switzerland, our product line incorporates the exclusive and patented “Isotonic Thermal Water” formula. This specially developed formula from Ferrecare is tailored to address the specific needs of different skin types, promoting skin repair and enhancement for a youthful and supple complexion.

Ferrecare has gained extensive expertise in skincare formulations and industry trends. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge biotechnology with carefully sourced raw materials from the Alps, Ferrecare is committed to consistently developing innovative and patented products. Our unwavering dedication lies in offering a range of skincare offerings that lead the industry, ensuring we remain at the forefront of advancements in skincare.

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