Slimming and hair removal

LPG Platinum M6 Body Care

M6 has three different mini-heads, which can be selected according to the different needs of various skin types. It will not cause pain, but it is enough to activate skin cells, rejuvenate the skin, and achieve lifting, anti-wrinkle and Tightening triple action. In addition, using the principle of double-roller rotation driven by ergonomics, it brings perfect effects beyond imagination. Negative pressure suction not only helps to shape the body, but also can achieve the effects of lymphatic drainage and soothing tense muscles.

Light Wave Detox Treatment

Red light, blue light and vacuum suction are used to target irritated lymph nodes or stubborn fat, especially for those with swollen lymph nodes. Far-infrared rays and blue light penetrate deep into the surface of the skin, promote lymphatic flow, and at the same time reduce pain caused by lymphatic stasis.

Focused Thermal Optics Therapy

Radar Shape uses three different techniques to improve the body shape and effectively reduce fat.

The first is the radio frequency high-efficiency thermal energy transmission technology that can directly reach the subcutaneous tissue and effectively disperse stubborn fat.

The laser of the second technology can stimulate the opening of fat cell membrane pores, soften fat and increase skin elasticity.

The third is to use vacuum suction to take fat away from the lymphatic system for metabolism and create a perfect figure.

Slender Legs Treatment

Use the keel for benign stimulation, and cooperate with unique techniques to unblock the meridians and lymph. Through the pressure stimulation of ultrasonic fat melting and strong current, the loose muscles have the effect of a series of contraction exercises. Procedure

Negative Magnetic Field Body Sculpting Treatment

Applying ionized negative magnetic fields to human physiology, the axons of neurons transmit information. Apply quick-acting thermal ointment on the treatment site, and use ionized negative magnetic field equipment for slimming.

Glacier Anti-Wrinkle Firming Treatment

The radio frequency generates high-efficiency thermal energy to transmit the epidermis to the deep tissue to play a role, and the freezing system in the instrument can detect the temperature of the skin to ensure that the epidermis will not be damaged. Cooperate with FACE COLLEGEN to make the skin firm and smooth.

Air Touch Ultrasound Fat Dissolving Therapy

Through a science and technology with thousands of clinical tests in the world, the world's only first CAVITATION- ULTRAPORA-ZIONER cavitation fat burst combined with electric audio injection, while strengthening fat decomposition, emulsification, raising the temperature of fat tissue, strengthening cell metabolism, breaking down stubborn fat and discharging it at the same time In vitro, it can effectively reduce fat, change skin sagging, lack of elasticity, stretch marks, and skin aging and wrinkles.

Cycling Cellulite Treatment

Cycling cellulite treatment adopts bipolar radio frequency and vacuum negative pressure technology, combined with patented rotary extrusion handle massage, which has the effect of slimming, shaping, skin tightening and wrinkle removal. Bipolar radio frequency combined with vacuum negative pressure acts on the epidermis and subcutaneous fat layer to increase its temperature, causing collagen hyperplasia, thereby achieving the effect of skin tightening and wrinkle removal; at the same time, subcutaneous fat is heated and dissolved, effectively promoting metabolism and improving body lines.