Automatic Micro-needle Therapy System (AMTS) is the latest instrument for micro-needle therapy. It utilizes 9 micro-needles to puncture holes on the scalp so as the make micro wounds. It is a two-way therapy of destroying and repairing which makes hundreds of thousands of micro-pipes on the scalp so that the absorption of essence and nutrients will become 30 times faster than normal. These micro-channels will be repaired automatically a few hours later, stimulating the production of melanin and the growth of hair. Combined with the DNA anti-hair loss tonic, the scalp and hair roots are further nourished and vitalized.


  1. Effectively relieve the fragile hair and allergy problem caused by pressure
  2. Stimulate the hair growth
  3. Prevent hair loss
  4. Keep the hair healthy and enhance its elasticity

*The effects of the treatments vary from person to person. For more details, please consult our beauticians.