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Every time when summer comes, I get acnes which leave acne marks. They keep me away from backless clothing and this affects my work. So last week I went to Modern Beauty Salon for scrubbing. The staff member recommended the Organic Rice Whitening Massage, to me. The treatment uses organic rice water and rice grains to give the skin a scrubbing massage. Long time ago I have already heard that rice water is good for the skin and after massaging my skin seems to become smoother and more moisturized. This treatment helped my skin to recharge. I am sure I will perform well during photo shooting next time. Oh I just can’t wait to see my nice photos! Would you also try this refreshing treatment like me?

Today after having the stem cell regeneration treatment, my skin became more elastic, firm and moisturized. In such a dry winter the skin is like a glass full of water!
Even if you are young, you also need facial treatments. You have to pay much attention to skincare during young age so that you can maintain a young and elastic face without wrinkles. As far as I know, the stem cell regeneration treatment is a new technology which promotes constant cell regeneration and health, making the skin young.

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